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Zach Schottler - Out of the City VINYL (2023)


Album is released feb 1st.
3rd full length album by zach.
THESE ARE PRE ORDERS, Vinyl Shipping and pressing is ridiculous in the world right now so the wait time is nuts. I can basically ship these out sometime between APRIL and MAY but you'll get email notifications once its shipped. I can also send over the mp3s if you want em, just send an email to after your order and I'll send them over a few days before the release date.
Limited to 200 VINYL


1. Out of the City
2. Highway in the Sky
3. Wont be Hypnotized
4. Get off the Stage
5. Passion Eater
6. That ain't no Smile
7. Defender
8. Understanding Time

NOTE : we charge a general shipping fee for regions, its incredibly hard to know the exact shipping costs for each area. When this arrives and the shipping cost is LESS than what you paid we have no problem refunding the difference! keep that in mind ;) just send us an email.