Winter Hat / Toque (Canada) dudes/dudettes


In celebration of -40 Celsius weather up here in mighty Canada we have created the worlds first ever ear/head covering device solely made of knitted stuff that keeps your head warm according to science.

"900% of your bodies warmth is actually omitted through your skull and schlong, the creative team at Skull Fist Inc. baffles me every time they come out with a new product as if created by the supreme ruler of earth (the face on mars). - Alberto Einsteinonzo (the spanish one, not the german one)

Clearly this product can and will completely save your life, if you lose 900% of your body warmth from either your dong or cranium then you can't listen to your favourite cauldroforcerfistallianwing records can you? NO, you can' dingleberry.

Our lovely model is Megan from the canadian Torontonian localonian heavy metal band "AMMO" and "SISTA FISTA"

Our lovely bro models are from the band "Mecainiax" in Swedenatron!

We have 3 more spots for photo's so when you get yours in the mail be sure to send us a photo and it might end up on here ;)

NOTE : we charge a general shipping fee for regions, its incredibly hard to know the exact shipping costs for each area. When this arrives and the shipping cost is LESS than what you paid we have no problem refunding the difference! keep that in mind ;) just send us an email.