SAGGAN - You're All Dead VINYL (2024)

Image of SAGGAN - You're All Dead VINYL (2024)


Black Vinyl, limited to approx 200-250 depending on pre orders. Album is out May 15th. Vinyl should arrive here before then so it will ship as soon as it arrives, approx may 10th. You can hear the album preview on youtube "Saggan Album Preview". This is a heavier project from Zach, the guy currently writing this with freezing hands since its winter time and heat is expensive. I had to charge an extra 2 bucks for this since vinyl costs went up and the lower the amount you press the more it costs from the fuckers.

All instruments. recording and mixing from Zach. Thanks to Daniel from the Pit Forge for turning. a photo into an album cover. Thanks to Sharon Ehman for helping with the photo and providing the head chopper!

1. Hell Rider
2. Red Leather
3. You are the Enemy
4. Ride the Storm
5. Way of the Road
6. I Fear the Gods
7. You're All Dead
8. It Gets Cold

NOTE : we charge a general shipping fee for regions, its incredibly hard to know the exact shipping costs for each area. When this arrives and the shipping cost is LESS than what you paid we have no problem refunding the difference! keep that in mind ;) just send us an email.