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Long live the Fist GIRLS shirt

Image of Long live the Fist GIRLS shirt


New album
new shirt
These ones are actually a solid cut for girls as well

he 3rd album "Way of the Road" is out
Oct. 26th Europe on NoiseArt Records
Oct. 26th North America on Napalm Records
Oct. 24th Asia on SPIRITUAL BEAST records

all pre orders ship 2 weeks before the release so they will arrive a few days before oct 26th including the shirts

1. You belong to me
2. No more running
3. I am a slave
4. Witch Hunt
5. Way of the road
6. Heart of Rio
7. Better late than never
8. Dont cross me
9. Stay true.

NOTE : we charge a general shipping fee for regions, its incredibly hard to know the exact shipping costs for each area. When this arrives and the shipping cost is LESS than what you paid we have no problem refunding the difference! keep that in mind ;) just send us an email.