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CD FREEDUMB - skate n die (zach side project) *ON SALE

Image of CD FREEDUMB - skate n die (zach side project) *ON SALE


This is a side project from Zach. Pure laziness led to putting the Freedumb stuff on the skull fist youtube channel plus online store since making a new one would take minimal amounts of effort. All instruments by Mr. Slaughter. Mixed and mastered by Dan the man Tsourounis (same guy who record, mixed and mastered the HEAD OF THE PACK album.)

1. punch patrol
2. s.o.s.
3. shark attack
4. grand canyon
5. jerkathon
6. skate n die
7. anarchy will prevail
8. street surfing man
9. finding emo

"Since we're pulling a chinese democracy on the new Skull Fist album I decided to say goodbye to any credibility I have left. 9 tracks of pure bull****. From Doom or punk to classic heavy metal with some high notes and a few guitar solos... I think I might need to start drinking again?"

- Zach Slaughter

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